Celebrities with ADHD

Celebs with ADHD
They haven't let ADHD prevent them from making a name for themselves, and neither should you! More...

> Celebs who've made it big with ADHD.

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Need help?
I'm in a parenting rut!
"I am feeling down about my child's ADHD and subsequent struggles. I'm emotionally exhausted. How do I get out of this rut?"
Can the anger dissipate?
"My partner has a low-frustration tolerance and is often angry. We've been married 17 years and it's still a problem. Can it change?"

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ADHD Feels Like...

Like my brain is a computer that never boots up.

Ah Ke

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Want to start a play date groups for my daughter in Orlando, FL.
Hello! I am a mom of a 10 yr old daughter with inattentive ADHD.  We are new to ADHD and I…


Support Group for non-adhd spouse in Cincinnati
Does anyone know of a group in Cincinnati that gives support to non-adhd spouses? Please let me know. God bless


Medications don't seem to help
My son is almost 9 and in third grade.  We started trying him on meds in first grade.  We still haven’t…


parent of 8yr old with adhd/impulse control issues
Good morning. I am new to this group and wondered how I go about finding other parents with adhd kids to…


non ADHD spouse but in a wheelchair
I have been reading this site and many books on ADHD marriage for a while. How the non ADHD spouse should…


Don't ask why.
This isn’t really a question.  I’ve been reading the discussions here and would like to contribute. I’m a man who’s been…


Recommendations near Laurel or Columbia, Maryland?
Can anyone recommend a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist in or near Laurel or Columbia, who takes insurance?


Adderall and / or conserta
Thoughts and opinions, stories, experiences for each please.

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