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Ideas For my Upcoming Mini Conference on Kids with ADD/ADHD
Hi all…my 8-year-old has ADHD so I have created a half-day conference on non-pharmaceutical treatments for ADD/ADHD in youth (may 20th,…


Two1 yr. old grandson taking too much Ritalin
Grandson spent 2 weeks with his dad. Called saying he ran out of Ritalin. My first thought was someone in their…


ADD, Sexual Dysfunction and Pornography
My husband and I have been struggling with his ADD symptoms (unreliability, anger issues, impulsiveness, broken promises) for over two years…


wellbutrin and nortriptyline
Has anyone’s kids taken these together? My 12 year old daughter has been on 450mg of wellbutrin. She said it helps…


Switching from quillivant
My son has been on quillivant for 2 years. He has severe combo ADHD. However, he has grown a lot, and…


Son w/ADHD won't let us watch him play sports
Hello, We have a 7 year old son diagnosed last year with ADHD.  He has always had trouble participating in group…


How do you fully explain to someone every aspect of ADHD?


Schools in Minneapolis & St Paul for ADHD kids
Hello, I have a son in 4th grade with ADHD and Anxiety. We are looking to explore our options for schools…

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