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"My son gets frustrated with school work and shuts down, even though he has no learning disabilities to make the work challenging. What now?"
Maxed Out Meds
"Help! I've maxed out the dose on just about every ADHD medication. What can I do when the highest dose of ADHD medications stop working for me?"

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ADHD Feels Like...

Like I'm drowning in a maelstrom of "stuff" that needs to get done.

Linda, Florida

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Steven M

Overwhelmed and Starting a Business
I have just undergone a major life change.  I moved out of a very chaotic family situation (substance abuse) with my…


My name is Jason, I am divorced with two teen kids, girl 16 and boy 14. My son is adhd struggling…


I never been diagnosed but know I have ADD. In school my parents were told I was lazy and I didn’t…


Where to put the line between helping and controlling?
Hello, My fiance and I are getting married in July. I want the marriage to flow as fluidly as possible. I…

J Trubela

Why is everything so difficult to begin/stay motivated =[
Sitting here thinking about what I want to say in this discussion makes me want to get up and go do…

Pink ginger

Support groups at Uni of Washington?
My son will be attending this fall and was wondering if their are any support groups for students with adhd?


Mental Health and English Video Series
Dear Couples with One ADHD Partner Members, As a long-time member of this Forum, I just want to say how grateful…


Mental Health and English Video Series
Dear Adult ADHD Group Members, As a long-time member of this Forum, I just want to say how grateful I am…

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