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Aggressive Behavior
"My 4-year-old gets aggressive and hits me when angry. How do I help him manage his emotions more appropriately?"
Medication and Age
"My doctor wants me to stop taking my stimulant medication due to my age, even though I haven't had any side effects. Help!"

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Like I need an "off" button for my brain.

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I'm not a good parent for a child with ADHD, ODD :(
My 15 year old hates school , doesn’t want to do homework.  Tells me he can’t conform to the way the…


Newly diagnosed with ADD, partner dislikes I am not as dependent
I have googled and read until my eyes almost bleed looking for help, advice, and answer. After 27 years of loosing…


Will Not Do School/Homework
My son is in 6th grade, and I just received an email from one of his teachers. She said he does…

Angie Kirkwood

Connection between ADHD and gut bacteria
I believe Dr. Perlmutter’s book Brain maker is quite profound and the evidence suggests very strongly a major connection between ADHD…


Remembering to write in agenda
My son has extremely poor executive functioning skills (the psych said she had never seen anyone rate highly significantly clinical impairment…


What do we tell her?
Hi all, sorry this is a long post. Our 8yr old daughter was diagnosed about 6 months ago with inattentive ADD, …


Homework Question
I am trying to determine what my role should be for my son in terms of his homeowork.  He is in…


Eight year old recently diagnosed with ADHD
My daughter has always been a very strong willed child.  Now it’s confirmed she has ADHD with the behavior and impulse…

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