Seven Types of ADHD

7 Types of ADHD
ADD comes in different forms, says Dr. Amen. Find out which kind you have, and the best approach to treating it. More...

> Find out which kind of ADHD you have.

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Need help?
I don't understand my child!
"I try but I just can't understand why my ADHD son has no motivation and no drive to do well or succeed. He doesn't take school seriously."
My job is in jeopardy.
"Along with a recent diagnosis, my adult son was just told he missed a crucial job task for many months and may get fired. How do I help?"

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ADHD Feels Like...

I like to refer to ADHD as a super-power.

Warren Goddard Zipfish

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Virgie T.

Looking for a Support Group in Midwest City or Oklahoma City, Ok
Hello,  We are a family of 3 Husband, myself with ADHD Inattentive, Major Depression with a ongoing episode at work, our…


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I’m 36 and I diagnosed with ADHD last September and although I wasn’t happy about it, it answered a lot of…


Hello, my name is Regan and I have an almost 10 year old son with ASD, ADHD Combined type, ODD, SPD,…

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